Dan Daly Artist - Illustrator

Daniel Anthony Daly
Artist - Illustrator

23 Limerock Street
Camden, ME 04843-2116
207.236.8834  •  email


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Doing a 20-foot largemouth bass with acrylic house paint and tiny pen and ink drawings of various game for L.L. Bean's hunting catalogue are examples of the wide spectrum in Daly's commission and illustration work. His experience also includes courtroom drawing for WBZ-TV and ABC News in Boston, book covers and interior illustrations for national publishers of books and magazines as well as numerous portraits of people and places.

Illustration has been a vital part of Daly's visual arts career for over 30 years. "I find illustration to be an engaging challenge; it's about solving a problem- figuring how to communicate what needs to be said .It has been a great exercise of craft. When it involves subjects that are educational or areas in which I have an intense interest, like the outdoors, it's always very rewarding."

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